Stripfoil Deblistering Technology


It offers both a quick set facility for regular spaced blisters whilst still having the flexibility to space rings individually for irregular or widely spaced blisters. The shaft holding the support wheels is easily removable both for cleaning or setting for your most common blisters.

The Stripfoil Moto is an ideal partner deblister machine to our automatic Stripfoil Pharma system, with the Moto recovering small batches of medication and delicate capsules.

Industry Applications

Features and benefits

  • AFFORDABLE AND EASY TO USE without the requirement of specialist skills
  • QUICKER THAN MANUAL RECOVERY with a rate of more than 20 blisters per minute
  • AVOIDS RSI INJURY with no manual deblistering required
  • QUICK CHANGEOVER between products
  • QUICK SETTING FUNCTION for regularly spaced products
  • BLISTER SPECFIC ROLLERS CAN BE PROVIDED for your most common products if preferred
  • FLEXIBILITY to adjust individual rings for recovery of irregular blisters
  • RECOVERS MOST BLISTER PACKS including Alu/Alu, PVC/foil and child resistant
  • SEPARATES RECOVERED PRODUCT from the empty blister

Technical Specifications


Maximum blister pack size
W: 150mm

Blister type
Most blister packs including Alu/Alu, PVC/foil and child resistant

Operating speed
More than 30 blisters per minute


Format changeover
Less than a minute for regularly spaced blisters

Machine dimensions
465mm (W) x 345mm (D) x 330mm (H)

Machine weight

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